Artwork Requirements

Have questions about submitting art or having custom art produced? Below are some frequently asked questions with answers that may help. If we haven’t covered something, please contact us at 

Q: I have an idea for art but I need you to create it. How long will it take?  
A: If your design involves nothing more than generating type we can usually do that within two days. If your design requires clip art illustration or creation of a custom logo or drawing, it may take up to ten days depending on complexity. Printing production can only begin after we receive approval on the art. We are happy to discuss the details of creating original art or logo designs.

Q: Is it best to send digital or non-digital media?
A: We prefer digital as it can expedite the order process, however we accept a wide variety of digital and non-digital formats.  Illustrator files are preferred (ai, eps, pdf) however Corel (cdr- up to X3) and Photoshop files (jpg, tiff) are acceptable. All fonts MUST be converted to curves/outlines and the file should be a true vector file, not a raster image embedded. 

Q: What non-digital media do you accept?
A: It is strongly recommended not to send us the original art because we will not be held liable for damages/loss. Camera ready art must be at least 50% of the finished size. Art should be letter size (8.5� x 11�) or smaller. Images larger than this may incur additional time and cost to process. Sorry, we do not accept slides or photographic negatives.

Q: Can I fax you my art?
A: Only a concept - Any faxed artwork must be recreated and will incur hourly art charges.  Be sure to include your name and phone number and/or e-mail address on your fax. Our fax number is: 912-233-9942.

Q: What file format should I use for full-color photographs?
A: We encourage you to send photoshop tiff or jpeg files saved at 100% full size & 300dpi. 

Q: Can I send Macintosh files?
A: Yes. We use both Mac & PCs. 

Q: What graphic programs are not supported?
A: We do not accept any microsoft office files - only files listed previously (ai, eps, pdf, cdr, jpg, or tiff)  but we can accommodate you by rebuilding your design. Please note, that the art dept cannot open word, powerpoint, publisher, or paint files - do not submit artwork in these formats. Please keep in mind working to recreate a design will incur additional cost in an hourly art charge.

Q: How can I get my electronic art to you?
A: Electronic art can be compressed using ZIP or STUFFIT. Art can be emailed to: or uploaded on our site here: UPLOAD. If your file is too large, please provide it on a jump drive. Any electronic art should be accompanied by a printed version either in person or by Fax to: 912-233-9942.  


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