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A Guide to Ordering Women’s Custom T-Shirts

Getting a custom print order for women’s t-shirts can be a PAIN! It may seem that every brand has a different size scale, fit, and length. With every fit being unique to the brand, it helps to have a good idea of what to expect when you place your order. Since most people are not t-shirt experts, the benefit of using a local printer really comes into play. Having someone in house to describe the various fit of certain styles can be invaluable when deciding on which brand to order.

Here at Celebritees, we have multiple people that are available to assist clients in the search for the perfect shirt. If you plan on doing some searching on your own before start the quoting process, here are a few questions to keep in mind that will help you determine the right fit:

When you are looking to order custom t-shirts for women, one of the biggest things to think about is the demographic of the individuals planning to wear the shirts. Are they for a middle school band group or a mom’s running group or perhaps a group of professionals coming to a trade-show or conference?

Know your demographic and how they already wear shirts, because knowing this will help a printer identify what sort of brand to recommend to you.

You have a lot of various-sized women in a group, and you want to make sure the small is small enough or the large is large enough?

Ask your printer to provide a sample, and if you have a size of concern, be sure to bring a sample of a shirt that you know fits so that there is a good, constant variable in which to compare. Sometimes it is necessary to mix brands to ensure everyone’s body shape is covered.

We often get the question “Do the same fit rules apply for ordering tank tops as they do t-shirts?,” and the answer in short is NOPE. Some tanks are athletic, some are considered “flowy” tanks, and some are form-fitting. With athletic, you can assume it will run a little small since most athletic apparel is made for compression, but its also important to ask your printer to be sure. With flowy tanks, the size can run standard to a little large so in this case you can get by with ordering your normal size. However, if a tank has spandex or another stretchy material in the blend (whether activewear or not), it will probably run small so be sure to ask for guidance from your printer. No one likes getting a tank that doesn’t let you breathe. Nothing is more annoying than constantly pulling a tank top away from your midsection because it is too tight.

Sometimes it is helpful to compare a women’s size chart to a unisex chart just to see how the sizes fall. Ultimately, the best practice is to be sure to give you and your printer plenty of time to discuss and possibly even order a sample or two prior to making your final selection.

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