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Everyone has that special screen-printed t-shirt that has been worn so many times that even your friends know its back story. Whether it was a concert or sporting event or even just a gift from someone special, there is a something that connects us to those special little garments. The bummer is that they don’t last forever and no matter what anyone says; t-shirt quilts are just weird. HA HA HA!

As a t-shirt ages, the fabric begins to break down and become softer, while the graphics begin to crack and fade, especially if the quality wasn’t great to begin with or if the shirt wasn’t properly cared for. We are going to give you the ins and outs on how to make sure the shirt you have printed stays in great shape and prevent the treacherous print-crackle.

First things first: even if you have a shirt not custom-printed by Celebritees, the best way to maintain ANY t-shirt is to follow a few key points.

  1. Wash the shirts inside-out so that the graphic is on the inside.

  2. Be sure to use the gentle cycle so that you can minimize the amount of agitation battering your garment.

  3. Use cold water because the heat in hot water can crack your print.

  4. Don’t use a dryer. They are fast and make your shirt all nice and warm, but the friction and heat will expedite the crackage on your print.

  5. If you don’t listen to #4, at least listen to this one: don’t use dryer sheets. Yes, they might make your shirt smell amazing, but the chemicals used for that wonderful scent aren’t going to help your shirt have a longer shelf-life.

  6. Lastly, if you really want to go all-out and preserve your shirt, don’t wash or dry it in a machine at all. Yep, go with the old arm-o-matic & hand wash it.

If you are the person or organization who is getting the shirt printed, we can’t stress this enough: CHOOSE A QUALITY PRODUCT.

If you make sure to purchase a quality t-shirt at the start your fabric and your graphic will automatically have a longer life. It is also important to look for an experienced screen-printer who produces quality products by combining great knowledge, reputable products, and modern technology.

In case you are already on the hunt for such a printer in the Savannah area, Celebritees is a full-service screen-printing company, and through a specialized craft, we offer printed goods that reflect our community and our desire to sustain it through quality products and services. Give us a ring and lets create a new favorite tee.

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