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3 Things You Should NOT DO with Your Company’s Promo-Products

One thing that is universal is that people generally love getting something for free. With this truth in mind, using promotional products is a great way to ensure your branding gets around. Giving out a small, but useful, item is a small investment that nearly always pays off. That is unless you make one of these promotional-product mistakes:

1. Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute to Order

Promotional products are customized in order to be effective and are not usually printed in-house so its important to be aware that after placing an order, it will take a little time for your products to be completed. Planning ahead will allow your printer to find you the best price and quality, ultimately providing you with the opportunity to make the best product decisions, allowing a chance for the art department to be creative, and afford you to have time to receive samples (if needed) without paying for rush shipping charges (or possibly ordering blind!).

2. Do Not Use Cheap #BASIC Items

If you are going into this process to simply get the cheapest product to slap you branding on, it is not going to be effective. Items such as stress balls, keychains, or cheap pens that don’t have much ink, your attempts at reaching your audience might just backfire and end up in the garbage. People connect the quality of your brand with the quality of the product your branding is associated with, so be sure to make your promotional products useful, creative, innovative, and of a high quality. As a promotional product provider, Celebritees has seen the successes and fails of using these products, so we want to be sure you have the right guidance to make your marketing a win.

3. Do Not Over-Complicate Your Marketing Plan

The last big tip we want to share is to ensure your promotional product marketing campaign is not overly complex. What we mean is that you are not putting too much requirement behind the “freebie”. If you are requesting an email address or some sort of personal information in trade for the good, you again might set yourself up for failure. Ending up on a blocked email list because someone merely gave you their info for a free item will ultimately taint your contact lists and cause a blur in your lead records.

If you are ready to start a new promotional product campaign, let the Celebritees team assist you in making sure the idea and concept is useful, creative, innovative, and of a high quality. Don’t feel like you are locked into a generic key chain or water bottle. Infusing the talent within our city through a specialized craft, we can offer printed goods that reflect our community and our desire to sustain it through quality products and services. Check out our promotional products page to peruse items or email to get some great creative ideas that will truly resonate with your potential clients.

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